In this video we will look at how the autonomous systems numbers are structure, the operation of the AS-Path attribute, introduction to using private autonomous system number and the numbers of 4 bytes

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Autonomous system: All of the devices are under the control of the same organization. 

IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) is in charge of providing the AS numbers to the entities that request them.

The AS-Path is the mechanism used by BGP to avoid loops between different ASes.

Initially, the AS number field was only 2 bytes (0-65535). Using a 'capability', it's extended to 4 bytes (4.294.967.296).

Backwards compatibility is available for systems that only support 2 Bytes AS numbers. For 4 Bytes AS numbers, new attributes (Optional Transitive) are in use: AS4_PATH y AS4_AGGREGATOR and a reserved AS (23456).

The AS numbers starting from 64512 to 65535 are reserved for private use.



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