In this video we explore the standard ISIS metric and what kind of information contain versus the extended metrics (wide metrics) used and needed for traffic engineering

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Video Description

RFC 1195:
IS Reachability
IP Internal Reachability
Narrow metric (6 bits)

RFC 3784:
Extended IS Reachability (TLV 22) replaces IS Reachability (TLV 2)
Extended IP Reachability (TLV 135) replaces IP Internal Reachability (TLV 128 y 130)
New TLV is added Traffic Engineering Router ID (TLV 134): stores the 32 bit router ID used for MPLS-TE
Wide metric (32 bits for TLV 135 and 24 bits for TLV 22)
Up/Down Bit added for L2->L1 route leaking.
sub-TLVs within a TLV



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