In this video we are going to see how we can change and verify the cost of a link on a router running Juniper JUNOS

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cost = reference-bandwidth / interface bandwidth
[edit interfaces [INT]] bandwidth
[edit protocols ospf area [AREA] interface [INT]] metric
[edit protocols ospf] reference-bandwidth [REF-BW]

Default reference BW is 100Mb. Meaning that links that have a speed of 100Mbs or more, will have a cost of 1. 
Reference Bw = cost * bandwidth
For example, if we want that a GigabitEthernet interface has a cost of 7: 
Reference BW = 7 *
Reference BW =

The result should be
reference-bandwidth 7g

We should try to avoid having interfaces with the maximum metric on OSPF (65535)

It's recommended that all routers use the same reference bandwidth.



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