In this video we go into the operation details of the OSPF LSA 1 (router LSA) and LSA 2 (network LSA), what information they represent and contain and their impact on the general performance of the OSPF routing protocol

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Each router generates a type 1 LSA with the state of each one of their links:
Stub (Where there is a neighbor or none)
Transit (Where there is more than one neighbor - multiaccess)
Point to point links with other routers

When there are multiaccess links (Transit), type 2 LSAs are generated: 
The DR generates the type 2 LSAs exclusively
They inform of:
The network
The nodes (routers) connected to the medium

Both LSA 1 and 2 are limited to the area where they were generated, meaning that they aren't propagated outside the area where they exist. 



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