In this session we define what are the: Internal Routers, Area Border Routers (ABR), Backbone Routers and AS Boundary Routers (ASBR)

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Internal Routers: 
The routers have all of their interfaces directly connected to the same area. The only run SPF calculations within that  area.
Area Border Routers: 
They are connected to multiple areas. SPF calculations are independent for each one of the areas on where the routers are connected. Routers distribute summary information between areas. 
Backbone Routers: 
A router that has all of it's interfaces on the area 0. SPF calculations are only done for that area.
AS Boundary Routers: 
Routers that exchange information with other autonomous systems. These routers run SPF calculations for the areas where they reside and provide connectivity to external routing domains.



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